Bridal Wreath Spirea: Here Comes the Bride

In spring, adorned with clusters of small, white flowers that cascade along its gently arching branches, Spirea prunifolia, commonly known as Bridal Wreath Spirea, bursts into bloom, creating a stunning display of floral finery unmatched by any other spring-flowering shrub. No other holds the timeless charm and delicate allure of the Bridal Wreath. This classic […]


Perennial Flowering Vines

Vines are valuable and versatile plants that provide a remarkable vertical display while using minimal ground space. Offering an extensive mixture of decorative foliage, flowers, fruits and fragrance, vines are generally fast-growing, relatively pest-free and require minimal maintenance.


Shade-Tolerant Cut Flowers

If you dream of creating beautiful bouquets, arrangements, and wreaths straight from your own flowerbeds, you don’t have to set aside those dreams just because your urban garden may not get as much sunlight as you would wish. Indeed, there are many gorgeous shade-tolerant blooms prefect for your growing space. About Cut Flowers Cut flowers […]